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Jen Kind Rubin is a licensed and board certified Psychotherapist currently practicing in New York City. Through using a combination of verbal psychotherapy, creative arts therapy, and mindfulness, she caters her therapeutic approach to fit each individual’s unique needs.

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  • Specialties and Services

Jen specializes in therapy for children, adolescents, teens, and young-adults. Issues ranging from mental illness to family or school conflict will benefit from her comprehensive approach. Learn more about Clients & Services

  • Location and Contact

Located in Greenwich Village, Jen's office is conveniently situated just blocks away from Union Square and easily accessible via most major subway lines. Jen would be happy to set up a call to answer any                                                                                                                   questions you may have. Learn more about Jen's location and contact info.  

  • How can Art Therapy help?

          Art Therapy provides an opportunity to combine both verbal and non-verbal exploration into one psychotherapy session. It is often easier to communicate                   through these means, which many find less threatening, working through tough issues in a creative way.  Learn more about Art Therapy


I offer all potential clients a free 20-minute phone consultation. This initial conversation provides you with the opportunity to ask questions, learn more about therapy, and ultimately decide whether this will be the right therapeutic fit…without the pressure of a financial obligation. Studies show that the therapeutic relationship is one of the most healing aspects of treatment and I couldn't agree more! That said, it's so important that you choose a therapist that feels like the right fit for your personality and needs, as the quality of our relationship significantly affects our work together. During the consultation, you are free to share as much or as little as you are comfortable with. All information is confidential. If at the end of our call, it's not the right match, I’m more than happy to connect you with someone who better meets your needs.