Time-crunch De-crunch

It's Monday morning. Your alarm goes off and you're suddenly jolted from a dreamy state into complete frenzy. You race out of bed, into the shower, shove some food and coffee in your mouth, and as abruptly as you woke, are out the door for your morning commute. In less than an hour the entire weekend's relaxation and calm has been completed erased. Sound familiar? Try one of these quick-fixes to regain some grounding. On a time crunch? All take a minute or less! 

  • Pet a pooch. Studies show that time with pups leads to healthy mind and heart. 
  • Plug in your headphones and tune into your favorite song. It's no secret that mood is significantly affected by music
  • Imagine a peaceful place. Not getting there? Open a travel magazine and pick your favorite.
  • Do 15 jumping jacks. Getting out those bottled emotions feels soo good!
  • Take 5 deep belly breaths
  • Bust a move (like no one's looking)
  • Stretchhhhhh