Holiday Art Projects - De-stressing through artistic process

The holiday season is officially here. The breeze is filled with hints of pine and twinkling lights add warmth to city blocks. It can be magical. But then there’s the expensive gifts, long lines, family stress, unexpected snow-storms…the list goes on and on. Although we often enter the holidays with the best of intentions, aiming to be more present and not sweat the small stuff, before we know it, we find that we’ve veered off and allowed the external stress to take over. Here are some holiday-themed art directives I wrote for my friend’s blog Mom Dishes it Out, including sensory dough, homemade wrapping paper and ornaments, New Year’s flower pots, and gratitude paper chains. Channeling some of that anxiety into the artistic process can be a great way to release stress and reground. So give it a try! click here to view the original post