Vision Boards for MLK Day

Martin Luther King knew what he believed in. He envisioned the world as a better place and consistently spoke about his dreams for the future.  What better time than his birthday to focus in on your own hopes and dreams. To assist in this process, try creating a vision board, manifesting your aspirations and desires for the future.  

For anyone who's not familiar with this exercise, a vision board is a way to visually represent what you'd like to create in your future. This is done through a collaging technique, using a mix of images from magazines, personal photographs, text, and anything else you'd like to incorporate. The process is meant to support you in considering what you'd like to manifest, suggesting that visualizing can help with the actualization of goals (law of attraction).

Before beginning, take some time to sit quietly, envisioning what you want to create in your life, clarifying your goals, and imagining how you want to feel. I encourage you to focus on both your personal goals, as well as what you'd like to create in your community, and on a larger world scale. Next, gather some glue, a piece of poster board or cardboard for the background, and whatever materials you need for collaging. Start looking for images that resonate with these aspects. Trust your gut...not everything that catches your eye will be tangible. Let your intuition guide you...