Infusing creativity into holiday gift-giving

The holiday season has officially arrived. If you’re like me, it feels like it crept-up out of no-where! This means there are still lots of gifts to be purchased, boxes to be wrapped, and cards to be written. Knowing what you’re looking for can be a huge help amidst the seasonal crowds and chaos. Here are some great gift ideas, sure to impart inspiration and creativity to those who receive.  

* Kwik Stix - These sticks look like crayons, but apply like tempera paint. Think paint, without the mess or hassle of clean-up. Fast, fun, and easy! Great for kids, a must-have for parents, and perfect for artists on the go!

* Adult coloring book (available at Urban Outfitters for only $10!) -  Many of us haven't colored since our elementary school days. This said, studies are now linking this pastime with stress reduction and anxiety relief. When coloring, our minds and bodies are integrated, operating in the present in a focused way. Give someone you love this creative solution to soothe their system.

* Box poetry kit -  Help your loved ones think outside the box with a magnetic poetry kit. This tiny box of words can be arranged and rearranged into infinite combinations, check-out Amazon to see the full range. These clever kits come in all themes, so there’s sure to be one to peak your interest.

*Journals - Give your loved one the gift of space…a place for them to explore and store their thoughts and ideas. A journal does just this! An enticing cover never hurts....I like this set of 3 from Anthropologie.


.......Already have your gifts? Try making your own wrapping paper to add a touch of creativity and flair!


  • Roll of brown craft paper
  • various paints/brushes
  • stamps/ink
  • tape
  • newspaper


  •  Lay out newspaper on the floor to protect your space.
  • Unroll the paper and secure down with tape
  • Experiment with different techniques to create your own DIY wrapping paper. Try different combinations, patterns, colors, etc.  Let loose and have fun!

Happy Holidays!!