Art Therapy: The Movie

Judy Rubin speaks about the dynamics of working with different groups of people and the importance of training and education to become an art therapist.

Two-weeks ago, Pratt Institute hosted the 1st screening of Art Therapy: The Movie, a feature length film providing insight into the world of art therapy. This film takes viewers on a journey around the world, sharing the remarkable stories of people who are using art therapy as a tool to process their struggles and live more fulfilling lives. This journey includes a trip to Japan, where we see the incorporation of art therapy as mental health treatment following the Tohuku Earthquake and a stop in the Dominican Republic, where NYC art therapy students work with children, using art therapy as a tool for social action. In India we see art therapy within the schools, supporting special needs children to learn and thrive, locally in the Bronx as substance abuse treatment, and in Newtown Connecticut, within a healing project.  In addition to providing a culturally diverse framework, the film offers insight on both short and long-term treatment, a look into the extensive training process of art-therapists, and an opportunity to hear from several leaders in the field. Whether you're new to art therapy or have some background knowledge, this film is sure to deepen your understanding and offer new perspective. I highly recommend checking out the clip! (Additional clips and information available here).