Intention Sticks

With the days getting longer and temperatures increasing, it feels like we're almost done defrosting, out from hibernation with a renewed sense of energy and purpose.  The last of the snow piles are finally melting away, revealing hidden sidewalks and fresh soil. We've made it...spring is almost here:) There's a bounce to your step, and everything feels lighter.  Leave the runny nose and frozen fingers behind and reground with a fresh intention. What better way to do this than by creating an intention stick as a visual reminder. 

Materials: Found stick or twig, yarn (or string, twine, ribbon, etc.), paint, paint brushes, writing utensil-sharpie, calligraphy pen, gel pen


Incorporating nature into your artistic process is a great way to ground as you create. Everything in nature is unique...a different shape, size, and texture, which translates into your artwork and also serves as a metaphor for yourself. Begin by taking a walk outside...pick a park or your favorite block, ideally somewhere without too much hustle and bustle. If possible, take a moment to close your eyes. Feel your feet against the earth. Breathe in the fresh air and notice any smells. Listen to the sounds that surround you. Observe your natural soundtrack. Feel the breeze and warm sunlight against your skin. Let this moment influence your intention. What word(s) come(s) to mind? What would you like to set as an intention as you start off the spring? Slowly open your eyes and take in your environment. Notice the colors and shapes. Begin walking with intention. Collect some branches and twigs, which you'll use in your artwork.

Once home...

-Select your favorite branch or twig. Return to your intention, and write this word or words on the wood using a writing utensil of your choice (or paint). You can optionally paint 1st underneath. 

- Take your yarn (string, twine, ribbon, etc.) and begin to wrap around the stick. Feel free to alternate colors and textures, making it unique to you. Find relaxation in the repetition of the wrapping, keeping in mind that you are setting or securing your intention in place. What a great way to begin the spring! 

- Using paint (or any extra embellishments) add any additional details to your stick. 

***Place your intention stick somewhere you regularly look, so it can serve as a visual reminder of what you hope to accomplish or create. Happy spring:)