Finding space in limitations

I recently came across this fantastic TED talk that I think so many people will find inspiring. So often in life we’re faced with challenges- physical illness, emotional struggles, financial burdens, our own self-doubt. Its important to remember, that with limitation, comes choice. We can view these difficulties as barriers, forcing us to hang our heads low and turn back around, or we can choose to see them as opportunities, and take a detour. Who knows where it’ll lead you!

Phil Hansen was in art school, studying an intense style of pointillism, when he developed a hand tremor and diagnosis of nerve damage. Devastated by this barrier, he dropped out of school, convinced this was the end of his artistic career. This all changed when a neurologist suggested he “embrace the shake.” From this point on, Hansen’s mentality changed. His perceived weakness became an outlet for creativity and strength. He challenged himself to create art using unconventional materials and out-of-the-box thinking, such as creating with live worms, candles, Starbucks cups, making artwork using only $1, creating with scribbles from his hand tremor, and so much more. His artwork is truly inspiring! Click on the link below to check-out Hansen's talk. I encourage you to try out one of his ideas. They’re affordable, easy, and great ways to get your own creativity flowing.  In the spirit of embracing limitations, give it a try :)